Meet the IMPRESS consortium!

It’s time to meet the team! Let us introduce you to the IMPRESS Consortium—a dream-team of 14 partners from seven countries across the European Union, that brings together academia, research institutes, businesses, service agencies, and nonprofit groups.

Our research capacity extends beyond the lab,  we’ve also got plenty of industry experience in the world of aquatic food—that means fish farming and fishing industries. Our team is all about working together to make these industries better and more sustainable for the long term. So, let’s introduce our consortium and dive into what each of us will be focusing on!

TEAGASC (The Agriculture and Food Development Authority) is the Irish national body that provides integrated research, advisory and training services to the agriculture and food industry and rural communities.

Trinity College Dublin (TCD) is one of the largest universities in Europe. TCD School of Chemistry leads the polymeric Materials, polymer processing, membrane separation, nanocomposites, additive manufacturing,sustainable materials, biodegradable polymers and polymer characterization.

FINS (University of Novi Sad Institute of Food Technology in Novi Sad) has extensive expertise and experience in ­applying the latest scientific achievements in research related to food and feed technology. The effective combination of an experienced team of researchers and a set of modern instruments guarantee high quality results and products.

MIR (National Marine Fisheries Research Institute) is the oldest marine science centre in Poland. The institute is involved in preparing scientific opinions for the Polish fishing administration, the European Commission and proper international organisations; conducting and promoting research as well as research and development activities in fishery, biological and interdisciplinary sciences focused on the marine environment.

ANFACO-CECOPESCA is a private, non-profit business association founded in 1904, representing and defending the sectoral interests of more than 250 companies from the marine and food industry sector. The services it provides mainly aim to promote the quality, research and technological development in the marine and food products sector, in the fields of Digitalization, Health, Sustainability and Aquaculture.

FSH (Foodscale Hub) is an Impact Venture Studio, working to accelerate the shift towards tech-enabled innovations in the agrifood sector. Foodscale Hub is committed to building and improving scalable solutions, as well as creating disruptive business models that reshape the agrifood sector and have a positive impact on society.

SINTEF is a Research and Development partner, contributing to value creation and increased competitiveness in the public and private sectors. SINTEF collaborates with leading universities, companies, institutes, industry clusters, start-ups and authorities, developing projects that generate public financing for our customers.

Neoalgae is an Innovative SME, with experience in more than 30 national and international research projects

COMEX is an innovative company operating in the market since 1987 and committed to producing top-quality printing and RFID/NFC products.

BMRS (Bantry Marine Research Station) located on the shores of Bantry Bay, is an Aquaculture Research facility. Aquaculture businesses, fishing operations and processing plants supported by ship building and harbour facilities located in a pristine, vibrant ecosystem, all combine to make this a superb location for marine research and development activities.

University College Cork is an internationally competitive, research-led university that plays a key role in the development of Ireland’s knowledge-based economy. UCC’s key research priorities are based on areas in which UCC has excellence, scale, competitive advantage and network to deliver significant impact in the areas of Food & Nutrition, Future & Emerging Technologies, Health & Wellbeing, Sustainability & Climate Action.

ESHKOL Innovation explores and develops plant secondary metabolites and other functional ingredients for food products.

ANGAZ is an emerging SME from Lodz, Poland, focused in Innovation Engineering solutions and Consultancy assessment across all sectors of the industry.

CLUSAGA (Galicia Food Cluster), located in the Northwest of Spain, is a key participant in the pursuit of sustainable growth, innovation and enhanced competitiveness of the Galician food and drink sector. Its members include companies, business associations, universities and technology centers. Clusaga has extensive experience in participating in European projects and Partnerships.

The main Work Packages, each assigned to different partners include the following: 

  • Mapping socio-economic-scientific aspects of marine and freshwater ecosystems (WP1)
  • Innovative processes and novel ingredients for fisheries and aquaculture waste reduction and sustainability (WP2)
  • Innovative food & feed products (WP3)
  • Innovative and sustainable packaging approach (WP4)
  • Zero waste approach towards sustainability (WP5)
  • Shaping the value chains for successful marketing of new products (WP6)
  • Project management and coordination (WP7)

While different partners take the lead across the various parts of the project, they are all called to participate in collective responsibilities across a variety of activities. These collaborative tasks include the capitalization on and linkage with ongoing and past activities, mapping existing products and identifying research stakeholders. The partners will jointly work on screening regulatory issues that affect animal feed and food packaging, as well as the quantification of fish waste. They are also involved in promoting lesser-utilised fish and aquaculture raw materials, conducting a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of new ingredients and processes, and evaluating consumer behaviour patterns in adopting new value chains. Lastly, they collaborate on tasks aimed at shaping value chains for the successful marketing of new products.

We’re more than just a collection of partners; we’re a united force, committed to driving long-term, sustainable changes in the fishing and aquaculture sectors. Our mission is both vital and exciting, and we invite you to be a part of this transformative journey with us!

For the latest updates, insights, and news about our initiatives, please make sure to follow this page. We have a lot in store for you, and we can’t wait to share our progress, achievements, and the impact we’re making. Together, we can chart a more sustainable and responsible course for our aquatic ecosystems. Stay tuned!